I’ve been looking at various backup plugins to try and see how reliable it would be to set up an automated backup. As ever the main requirement is free of charge since I can’t pass on the cost. There seem to be two options.

Either backup to the server and then upload it somewhere else using cron:

  • Simple Backup By MyWebsiteAdvisor – looked promising but seems to kill mysql server periodically. I also lost all my revisions since I ticked the options to delete all revisions and temporary options – I thought it was excluding them from the backup, but it actually deleted them from the database. Also I’d have to set up the cron job myself and it only backups to the server which can causes space issues if not monitored.

or backup to Dropbox or similar, using wordpress scheduler:

  1. WordPress Backup to Dropbox by Michael De Wildt. Installation was invasive – new menu item, rather than adding to Settings and four new database tables – including one called options which could easily have been a single row in wp_options. Although no errors were reported, no backed was done either
  2. Ready! Backup By Backup Plugin Ready. 6 database tables and only ftp option available as free. Nice interface and did the backup … finally found it, but can’t schedule
  3. BackWPup Free – WordPress Backup Plugin – more tables. Didn’t work, but at least gave an error: The HTTP response test get an error “Failure when receiving data from the peer”.
  4. UpdraftPlus – WordPress Backup and Restoration By Backup with UpdraftPlus. Excellent documentation. Dropbox worked, but not scheduler (even though it works on wordpress crons)
  5. BackWPup Free – WordPress Backup Plugin By Inpsyde GmbH. Very flexible but I couldn’t connect to Dropbox.

If I was able to pay, I’d probably try out on of the following. They are well maintained and have a lot of positive reviews:

  • myRepono WordPress Backup Plugin
  • blogVault Real-Time WordPress Backup


Finally understand my scheduling problem, even if I haven’t worked out how to fix it. My web hoster has disabled loopback connections to the same host because I’m on a shared server (hence the curl error ‘Failure when receiving data from the peer’).  ALTERNATE_WP_CRON is meant to try and get around this, but it hasn’t. Unfortunately I can’t spend any further time on this, but I am puzzled since the WordPress update checks are working fine; as does Akismet.

I found some useful information on the way:

If I do get the scheduling issue sorted, I think Updraft Plus was the closest to what I want.


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12. March 2014 by Antonia Whitaker
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